Saturday, 20 August 2011

Favourite Autumn Products - House and Home

We have had a couple of really fabulous Autumn days since my last post and they have really put me in the mood for sharing some more of my favourite Autumn products...

Yankee Candles Apple Cider Small Tumbler

Way too expensive but I love them. Sadly, candles give the DH headachs so I can only enjoy them when he's not around.

Crossroads Buttered Maple 6 oz. Room Spray

Actually, I don't care which brand it is, I've had a few maple scented room sprays and they just make my mouth water. I don't know why maple seems like a fall scent to me but it does.

Bath and Body Works Soap Sleeves

How freaking adorable are these? I first saw them on A Shimmering Star's blog and I can't wait to get myself one. I may go for the autumny squirrel one or this Halloweeny spider web one:

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  1. Thanks for mentioning my post. We'll have to stop in Bath and Body Works before you head home so you can stock up.