Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Things That Make Ya Go...


Okay... I don't spend my nights randomly searching You Tube for my name. Let's just get that out of the way - I don't want you thinking I'm weird or anything... 


I couldn't sleep the other night and was randomly searching You Tube for my name. Why? You know... Just in case. I'm clumsy, I do stupid stuff, and I piss people off regularly. How I haven't wound up on You Tube yet is a mystery.

(And don't pretend you don't search for your name too!)

While I was searching through videos, I came across this:


Can someone please explain to me what. the. fuck. that is? (And if you're wondering, no, you can not call me "Master Wondra.")


  1. All of the comments are in German. Maybe you subliminally created it in your sleep? J/K.

  2. Ha! Shh... Everyone will know my secret. ;)