Monday, 26 January 2004

Xanga Post: Monday, January 26, 2004

Jay's mum took me to McDonald's yesterday. That's four times in one week for me! Lol. Are they trying to fatten me up, or what?

Last night was the Royal Rumble so we were up watching that until about 4am. Jay and Egg were like two little kiddies waiting for Mick Foley to show up. (When the picture froze for a few seconds, I thought their brains would explode.) It was especially funny when the Undertaker's music came on and this little shrimpy guy Spike came out. Lol. Some of the punches and stuff were thrown so bad. I think they should either use professional actors or get these guys training. Lol.

My plane leaves the day after tomorrow! *gasp* Vacations are usually more fun when they don't MAKE you take them! I'm just crossing my fingers that my plane doesn't crash and that I can get back in. You know, it was easier to fly TO Jay than it is to fly AWAY from him.