Sunday, 19 August 2012

The best marriage proposal. Ever.

What does 12 o'clock in the afternoon find me doing on this wonderful Sunday afternoon? Sitting at my dining table bawling like a bitch, thanks to Davina McCall. She tweeted this:

Well, you know what they say about curiosity and Wondras (or was that cats?)... I just had to look. And you know what? You do too.

Tell me that's not the sweetest freakin' mariage proposal you have ever seen. I was already crying my eyes out by the time he got to the proposal and then he came out with "You have already given me a lifetime of happiness." That was his opener. Goddamn. 

Maybe I'm just overly emotional about the whole proposal thing because I never got one?


All I know is I will never be able to listen to that song again without crying.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Cold - Annie Lennox

As you know, I have a sleep problem. A lot of sleep problems, actually, but that's a whole other post. One of the biggest problems I have is getting to sleep. My brain doesn't like to shut off and the anxiety that I suffer from always seems to be worse when the lights go out.

Yeah, I'm afraid of the dark. Funny, considering...

Anyway. As if that wasn't bad enough, there's the tinitus to consider. Try sleeping with the sound of your heartbeat amplified in your ear times a hundred. It's a pain in the fucking ass. For real. I have a funky hearing aid that makes a staticy noise which helps drown out the tinitus but that's only really a daytime solution. I can always take my iPod to bed but then I run the risk of it either 1. getting stuck in my hair, 2. choking me to death in my sleep, or 3. falling off the bed and being forgotten the next morning, leaving me the long bus ride to work completely without any tunes.

(Which has obviously happened recently since I'm here bitching about it.)

So I decided to use my iPad instead since there's less of a chance of it getting stuck in my hair, killing me, or being left behind. Sure it's big and bulky but - hey! - built in nightlight, right? (Also really good because I can use it to record random story ideas that come to me in my sleep.)

Well... I took my iPad to bed last night and decided to put on some Annie Lennox because I was feeling a bit morose. (Not that you have to be morose to listen to Annie Lennox - but it helps.) I only normally listen to one or two songs of hers but I couldn't be bothered changing the settings so I ended up listening to the whole album. Just as I was about to fall asleep this song started:

I had no chance of getting to sleep after that because it's damned hard to sleep when your heart is breaking.What a powerful ballad. The line that kills me is ♫♪ Dying is easy - it's living that scares me to death. ♪♫ And, of course, Annie Lennox's voice goes right through you. This is definitely my favourite song of the week.

Friday, 17 August 2012

Happy National Rum Day

Yes, I know yesterday was National Rum Day - but sadly I was too busy drinking rum to blog about it. Wait... Sadly? No... Happily! :)

In honour of this fine holiday, I offer you three Pinterest boards dedicated to my favourite adult beverage:

Bottoms up, baby.

30 Things to do when I'm 30

If I said that I've spent the last eight months freaking out about my 30th birthday (which is coming up on October 31st), it would be an understandment. And by freaking out I mean panic attacks and happy pills. For real.

During this crisis, I saw a woman on a TV show say that she was completing a "60 things to do when I'm 60" list and I was totally inspired. I've spent a few weeks now working on the list and this is what I've come up with:

1. be a volunteer
2. place a bet
3. visit the British Museum
4. photograph Big Ben
5. get a henna tattoo
6. knit a Doctor Who scarf
7. go ice skating
8. join a zombie walk
9. take a line dancing class
10. take a kickboxing class
11. go canoeing
12. go paintballing
13. learn to play the banjo
14. make a quilt
15. Project Life!
16. try 30 new foods
17. write 30 short stories
18. dreadlocks (Yes, Mom, dreadlocks.)
19. kiss the Blarney Stone
20. get my second tattoo
21. visit the red light district in Amsterdam
22. learn another language
23. go scuba diving
24. try paragliding or handgliding (and live)
25. try snowboarding or skiing (and not kill anyone else)
26. get my UK drivers license
27. get my UK passport
28. try ecstasy
29. be on TV
30. get published

The goal is to do it all in my 30th year. And, if I make it to 40, I'll start all over again.

Everything on the list (with the exception of the tattoo and volunteering) is something I've never done before. It starts with the least scary stuff and gets harder. 

I could use some help with a couple of these... Like 30 foods and 30 short stories. If you want to suggest a food I should try, please do! Also, I need 30 challenges for my short stories. So... Challenge me.