Sunday, 26 November 2006

Winter Memorabilia

We certainly had a nice, casual day out today. Memorabilia was HEAVING but that's normal for the winter show. They had two halls open again this time.

I laughed my head off in the parking lot when I saw this van:

It was really sad, actually, because we saw David from Autographs Ink and he told us that this will probably be his last convention. Jay's been going to see him at the conventions for like ten years! It'll be really odd to go to Memorabilia and not have a laugh with him. :(

We actually started with Joe Frazier (boxer) to get an autograph for my parents. The photos for Frazier were HUGE. I don't know how we'll send that! But, anyway, I think Frazier took one too many hits to the head. He really wasn't there. He kept saying that he recognised me from somewhere and that he'd seen me a few times before. We were like...okay...And when I asked him to dedicate it to my parents he got VERY confused. I mean, really confused. His manager actually had to write it down on a piece of paper for him and he still got it wrong.

Actually, it's not funny.... Three people spelled my name wrong AFTER we told them how it was supposed to be spelled. Three people, three different ways, all wrong. Humph.

Ian Ogilvy (Return of the Saint) hasn't changed AT ALL. Except that he has a beard. He was signing books that he's written. They actually looked cute. This little boy jumped in in front of us and asked for an autograph. Bless him, he didn't realise that you have to PAY. Awww.

We started to go up to see Bill Heinzman (Night of the Living Dead) but we didn't because he wasn't there. It was just some guy by himself. But while we were waiting for Ian Ogilvy I realised that guy WAS Bill Heinzman. Whoops.

Would you believe that man is 70 years old? We couldn't.

Kyra Schon (Night of the Living Dead) didn't show! And Memorabilia never announced that she wouldn't be there. Poo to you Memorabilia!

Did I have to pull Jay away from Toyah Wilcox (80's Singer)? You're damned right. Lol. I told him I was going to bloody beat him if he didn't behave himself and he told me that was okay, he was going to beat himself when he got home. I think Toyah was slightly surprised to overhear that! She was lovely though.

I think Leslie Phillips OBE (Carry On) deserves an awww. What a cute old man. A cute FRAIL looking old man. The way he held his pen was like a third grader would. And he RUINED our autograph pen because he pressed so hard on the photo. I really felt by for Alun 'cause Leslie Phillips signed his autogaphed Harry Potter poster and smudged it terribly. :(

Priscilla Barnes (Bond, Devil's Rejects) kind of scared me. Not because she's had a bit too much plastic surgery, which I think MAY be true...But because she almost pulled a Basic Instinct on me! She turned around to get something and her too short skirt almost revealed way too much! Yikes! But she was good fun.

Carole Ashby ('Allo 'Allo) is still quite the babe for her age. At least Jay thought so! ;) I was just impressed by her uber husky voice. I did have to laugh because she was complaining about how she broke her phone and how it was crap. That's so NORMAL. Lol.

The Hellraiser cenobites Nick Vince (Chatterbox) and Simon Bamford (Butterball) were lovely. Really not the least bit scary looking! Very friendly.

Jay and I were freaking out when we went to get the cenobites' autographs because we thought Leslie Phillips stole our pen. Turns out...I didn't want to loose it so I stuck it in my bra. *blush*

Before we left, we had to stop and see David so Jay could try to get me to flash him...I mean...We wanted to have him save some autographs for us. Amongst many, many others, I got a Peter Faulk/Dom De Louise autograph and a full cast photo autographed by the Golden Girls cast. :) We have a few hundred left to pay on them and then we'll get them all at once. Yippie.

The Daleks were out and about again today. I didn't see them make any little kids cry this time. :(

Oh, we got a few DVDs before we left as well. And I'm going to go finish watching The Barnyard now. (I *heart* my moos.) :)