Sunday, 27 May 2018

Summer Blog Post Ideas

Summer can be a busy time and sometimes, while we're at the beach and having barbecues, our blogs can suffer from neglect. To help keep our blogs alive (and feeling loved) during the long summer months, I've put together a list of blog post ideas that will fit into our summer activities.

Here are some Summer Blog Post Ideas for you to use:

  • create a summer mood board
  • make a summer playlist
  • share your summer bucket list
  • share some summer make-up tips
  • share your summer beauty routine
  • share your summer beauty essentials
  • share your summer wardrobe essentials
  • create a summer self-care checklist
  • share your summer reading list
  • share some summer budget tips
  • have a summer photo shoot
  • write about surviving summer break with the family
  • write a day in the life: summer edition
  • what to binge-watch this summer
  • your favourite movies for summer
  • favourite summer memory
  • favourite things about summer
  • explore summer through the senses
  • create beach mood board
  • share some beach party ideas
  • share your beach day essentials
  • do a swimsuit roundup 
  • do a sunscreen roundup
  • create BBQ mood board
  • share your favourite BBQ recipes
  • share some pool party ideas
  • try out some cocktail recipes
  • create a 4th of July mood board
  • make a 4th of July playlist
  • share some 4th of July decorating ideas
  • try out some 4th of July crafts
  • share some 4th of July party ideas
  • what 4th of July means to you
  • big your dad up for Father's Day
  • create a road trip mood board
  • make a road trip playlist
  • share your favourite road trip snacks
  • share your camping essentials
  • do a travel essentials roundup
  • share some travel safety tips
  • do a luggage roundup
  • share your tips for vacationing on a budget
  • share some ideas for a staycation
  • try out some homemade popsicle recipes
  • do a festival roundup
  • do a festival fashion essentials roundup
  • share some festival safety tips
  • do a summer blockbuster roundup

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