Sunday, 20 January 2013

A Very Literary Blog Swap

It's time for our monthly post from our good friend Jessica over at a Shimmering Star and this time the theme is literature...

Sharing the Joy of Reading

Reading has always been one of my favorite activities. My parents never had to urge me to find something to do; if I was bored I would read a book. My job as library support staff gives me the opportunity to encourage readers of all ages. But more importantly, I can be an advocate for all kinds of literacy.

In the past several decades audiobooks, eBooks and even graphic novels have redefined the act of reading. The new diversity of book formats makes it easier than ever to encourage people to read.
Three Ways to Share the Joy of Reading:

1. Visit the library or bookstore regularly. Do you like to knit? Are you fascinated by fairy tales? Hobbies and interests are a great place to start looking for a book. Are you taking a trip soon? Find a book about local history or attractions.

2. Start a monthly book discussion group. Let the group decide on a book to discuss. On the day of the discussion have drinks and snacks.
3. Invest in new technology. eReaders and tablets allow you to download and interact with books from the internet or your local library.

Every reader has their book. It is every bibliophile's job to share the joy of reading.

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