Tuesday, 15 January 2013

CoD Playercards: Animal

I realized that in my previous post I mentioned the Animal emblem Jay (aka: SimplyFiendish) made for himself - but I never actually shared it! Shame on me!

It's very... Fitting! :)

If you follow me on instagram you've probably already seen this so I apologize for repeating myself! (I'm very proud of my husband's artistic abilities! If only I could find a way to steal them!) Oh... And if you don't follow me... Um... Do!

(That would be here.)

If you like Call of Duty and instagram, these accounts are worth a look: callofduty_offical, theragelobby, and callofduty4u.

And if you don't like Call of Duty... Tough! I'm kind of obssessed right now and you're going to be hearing a lot about it!

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